Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ten Months

Wow, our little guy's first year is flying by! Rainer continues to be such a little love and sweet member of the family--sweet, but gruff. He's very in touch with his barbarian side and is frequently seen (and heard) pounding his fist against the table for more food. He continues to be a good eater (no surprise there--I say that every month) and I've been serving him more finger foods--black beans (roughly mashed), Cheerios, of course, diced peaches from the yard, pluots from the yard (Ken gives them to him whole and he eats them out of hand), and whole wheat toast or bread sticks. I'm sure there are a lot of other things I could be giving him--I just have to get more creative. Oh, and helping in his finger food efforts are his new teeth--he now has four bottom teeth and his first two top teeth (and he's working on another). He loves to teeth on a toothbrush--it's our best teething tip.
Lately he's become the king of the ill-timed nap. He'll take a nap in the late afternoon or early evening then stay up until 11:30. NOT good, considering that I start back to work tomorrow. But I think it will all work itself out once I'm getting up at 5:00--his entire schedule will be pushed earlier too.
He has this little move his does--he raises his arm high above his head; we say it's his "baby power" sign--"Power to the babies" he seems to be saying. So cute, and it's been going on all month. And his wave is starting to change from a from-the-elbow, full arm wave to a little hand-only from-the-wrist wave. He's very social that way--waving at any appropriate moment, waving to the daycare ladies, whenever we open or close a door. Oh and his unique finger sucking style is gone--we haven't seen it for at least a month and a half now. Kind of sad--it's the end of a mini-era--but much better for his teeth, I think.
The other thing that's new this month is that he is really mobile--crawling all over the place--if you look away he could be gone. But more likely he is crawling right up to you and pulling on your legs. He's in that stage. I can't just set him down with toys and go about my cooking or cleaning--he's on my legs constantly and wants to be held, but then he's struggling to get down too, wanting to do something dangerous like play around the dishwasher. Oh my. We just muddle through. What he likes: evening walks in the double stroller, crawling around on the trampoline, yard walks with his Daddy, being outdoors in general, flopping around on the bed, and oh, cruising around the coffee table--that's new too.
Happy 10 month birthday little guy. We love you.


Sarah and Jack said...

What a beautiful baby!

At that age Jack loved cubes of sweet potato, avocado and tofu of all things!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for the suggestions. We have avocado in the fridge right now!

Christy said...

He's so cute! I love the "Baby Power" sign.

When Nathan was little we tried string cheese, cheddar cheese cut into sticks, diced mango, kiwi slices and pasts (penne is a good manageable shape).