Monday, November 4, 2013

a few scenes from our Halloween

halloween 13 dinner on halloween dinner on halloween candy joy! roygbiv of candy books from the green pumpkin cookies

I'm honestly not a big Halloween person, so I'm thrilled to make it to November, as we now have.  Nonetheless, the boys had a great time and were especially thrilled that big brother Jacob joined us for the evening.  The boys these last few years have just painted their faces or gotten scary masks--no more cute costumes around here, sadly.  I've definitely thrown in the towel on that long ago.  The fancy cookies above were brought over by the neighbors (there are still a couple of our b-day cookies mixed in--I'm sure you can tell which is which!).

We had a wholesome dinner before heading out for trick-or-treating.  The way we handled the candy was to let them eat their fill on Halloween night and save out two pieces for later.  The rest was set out for the Green Pumpkin who exchanged it for the fabulous books seen above.

It was a sweet evening and we ended with an impromptu dance party, which was maybe the highlight.  We were totally cranking the music and swishing playsilks around!  How was your Halloween?


Denise said...

a perfect night!

SL said...

What was the dinner? It looks yummy! We had decent luck making the Moroccan chicken stew you recommended, so I am on the look out for more hearty, healthy, simple meals. :)

Redbeet Mama said...

It has been awhile and yes, I still get hungry when I read your blog.

Namaste, Nicole

Faith said...

Dance party with play silks sounds like my kind of Halloween!