Wednesday, October 30, 2013

on date nights and going to the movies

going to the movies

Last spring I got really burnt out after a long string of weekends that lacked a proper date night.  I want and need some true downtime every weekend, and when I don't get it I get cranky!  Since that time I've been more aware of trying to make date night happen every weekend if we can.  We are fortunate to have my parents close by and especially lucky that they love to watch the boys and the boys love to go to their grandparents.  What a huge blessing that is!

Do you like to go to the movies?  I always have, but I've never really gone consistently.  Lately, though, we've been trying to go to dinner and a movie every date night.  You guys, it has been so fun!  There is something about seeing a movie on a big screen that is special and exciting.  And I think being entertained together as a couple is also very bonding.  I love talking about the movie with Ken and having something to ponder over the next few days.

Here is what we have seen lately:

:: Thanks for Sharing.  It's a movie about sex addiction.  I loved all the "addict" stuff and getting to see into that world of meetings and 12 step programs.   Great clothes & set design too.  Loved this.

:: Enough Said.  So much to think about here--about relationships and how women act.  Julia Louis Dreyfus is so great.

:: Gravity.  Stunning!  And not what I expected.  I've loved Sandra Bullock ever since Practical Magic.

::  Don Jon.  Another sex addict movie!  But different than the other one.  I loved this one too, and the ending surprised me.

:: Rush.  70's car racing drama!  Love love loved all the period details, the stunning visuals, and the exciting true story.  Don't miss this!  Hurry before it leaves theaters.  I felt so lucky that we just happened onto it at the dollar theater.

Usually I go into these knowing next to nothing about the movie, which is how I like it.  Ken scans the reviews to see what is good.   I like to see things that are uplifting--I don't like disturbing, dark or violent.

Do you like going to the movies?  What have you seen lately?


Andrea said...

Oh, you guys are so good. The last several dates I've been on with my husband have included all three kids. And the last few movies I've seen in the theater have been kids movies. Time to act like a grownup and get out without kids, I guess!

The Wool Fairy said...

We never go to the movies....but not for lack of wanting. Babysitters are hard to come by for us. Thanksgiving weekend (Canadian) we stayed at my parents' house so snuck out one night to see Rush. I agree, I loved it! It was my husband's choice but I definitely enjoyed it as well. Other than that one particular film, I am very out of touch with new release movies. Yes, you are so lucky to have your parents close by (: Enjoy!!

The Wool Fairy said...

By the way, we are on our 3rd year of the Green Pumpkin thanks to you! My kids just traded in their Halloween candy for a few Hotwheels cars. I know you do books and in my ideal world that would have been a fair trade in their eyes (: Anyway, I was glad to get rid of the giant candy stash. Their teeth will thank me.