Wednesday, November 6, 2013

some scenes from the weekend

crushcakes crushcakes lunch at crushcakes museum museum museum farmers market farmers market farmers market neighborhood roses

Our weekend included some pretty fun stuff: yoga class (for me), a movie and date night (sushi!), a trip to farmer's market, the natural history museum, and Crushcakes. Big hooray for weekends. They are so important to me.  SO happy that we have a holiday weekend coming up!  Do you have plans for the 3-day weekend?  We do not, but will enjoy having an extra day so much.

We saw "Last Vegas" Saturday night.  What a sweet movie!  I highly recommend it.  I know it only got 2 stars from the critics, but I found it sweet and funny.  Ken and I were both freaking out about how good Mary Steenburgen looks at age 60!  And I loved the way they styled her.  I want to see About Time next. 


Denise said...

those roses are amazing for November! I heard LasVegas was really good too!

I work Monday but oh well! I need a fun weekend!

Sarah said...

We are having a date night this has been too long! Might see that movie, sounds fun.
Your pictures are so lovely and full of color, thanks for sharing :)

The Wool Fairy said...

I'm drooling over those nuts and the veggies. Yum! I'm looking forward to a bit of a lazy long weekend with maybe a family hike. Lots of knitting by the woodstove sounds like a good plan. I usually start making my Christmas lists on this long weekend too. When do you start your planning?