Tuesday, August 20, 2013

day trip to solvang!

solvang solvang pastries in solvang abelskiver stand sunny fields park sunny fields park sunny fields

We took a little day trip to Solvang today--me, my mom, the little boys and Faith.  Summer is getting down to the wire, you guys.  We are packing in a full week this week, including this little trip to Solvang.

Basically, with the boys along, we knew we weren't going to go into a lot of the little shops or really "do" Solvang.  Rather, I just wanted to check it out and have a fun, calm day and have it be as short (or long) as it may need to be, considering the boys' interest levels.

What we did do was eat a Danish lunch at Bit O' Denmark, walk around the town, have pastries at a random bakery (actually we stopped in two bakeries and had Arnold Palmers in the other one), stop into a toy shop and buy to "car Bingo" cards, and wish we had saved room for Ableskivers (next time)!

We also took the boys to Sunny Fields park.  So cute!  The park is in full sun (there is a little shade structure with benches for the adults), but they have misters that the kids can turn on at will and have a cool-down under (see the next to the bottom photo).

I'm totally planning on taking the boys back on random weekends this fall and winter.  


emma said...

Wow, that looks such a fun place. Love the misters, what a great idea on a hot day.

Andrea said...

How cute! Looks like fun. I can't stand the idea of summer being almost over (and I don't even get a break from work!)!!