Friday, July 26, 2013

real life summer

santa barbara harbour santa barbara swim meet (long course!) me with my new car! boys reading--dieter reads to rainer subaru poster in the dealership carrie with rainer LAX rainer on the slide freeway boys! swim lessons at villanova

Happy summer!  I didn't necessarly intend to take the summer off from blogging, but that is what seems to have happened!  Maybe I needed the break.  I do love blogging, but I've changed so much in the years since I started this blog.  Sometimes it feels exhausting to worry about photographing the moment or trying to make my life seem more beautiful and idylic than it really is (not that I have ever tried to purposefully mislead.  I do believe life is beautiful and I love documenting the good things).

Parts of summer have felt heavy this year.  And I haven't done as many summery things as I had hoped.  But we have had many sweet and happy moments and I am grateful to have a break from work and more time around the family.

In the photos above:

1. We took a walk around the Santa Barbara Harbor while Ken was doing a swim meet (we watched him swim as much as possible and took little breaks with the kids as needed).  The boys love to peer down into the water and look for crabs and fish.

2.  Ken's swim meet in SB.  What a gorgeous setting!

3.  You guys--I bought a car!  I am beyond thrilled!  I'd been driving my old car for 19 years and it was beyond gross.  I never took any pride of ownership in my old car.  I didn't get to choose it and I didn't work at the time so I was more oblivious to the fact of what a major purchase a car is.  The kids seemed to trash it pretty early on and I just sort of let it go.  This time around I am the complete opposite!  I'm keeping it clean and fresh and I adore it.

4.  Dieter reads to Rainer sometimes in the mornings--mostly Calvin and Hobbes.  It's so sweet.

5.  This poster was in the Subaru dealership.  My old car was a Honda Accord (1994) and it indeed was built to outlast its styling!
6.  Carrie visited!  We had such a nice visit with lots of lunches out and shopping and conversation.

7.  LAX.  It freaks me out!  But I managed to drop Carrie off and get home uneventfully.  Phew!

8.  Rainer on the slide in a little pocket park in Santa Barbara.
9.  On the 101 freeway (I didn't take this while driving--honest!)

10.  Brothers.  They've been getting along pretty well this summer.  I love it when they play without fighting.

11.  Swim lessons.  The boys did two sessions this year.  Their teachers were amazing--mostly young men with such enthusiasm and a great way with kids.  We've had such good experiences with swim lessons these last few years.  And I love this pretty pool!

How is your summer so far?  I still have 4 weeks of vacation and I'm going to try to make the most of it!


Rain said...

I'm so excited for you being able to get a new car!
We love Calvin & Hobbes here.
It sounds like you are having a 'real' summer. My husband has 5 more weeks before he goes back to school. We still have a lot to squeeze in.
It's always good to 'see' you.

catie said...

i loved your update, mary beth!
i've been driving my chrysler voyager for 13 years. after a trip to europe this summer, i'm ready for a cute little fiat!
here's hoping we all joyfully soak up the rest of summer.

Gabi B. said...

Good to read you back, hope you'll enjoy the rest of your summer vacation. Funny what you said about blogging and taking pictures, I started blogging to force myself seeing more Beauty in my life. Kind of therapy... ;-)
Congrats to your New Car!

Laura said...

Congrats on your new car!
It looks like you're enjoying the summer with your family. It always goes by too quickly, so I try to slow down & enjoy the little things.

Our Adventures As A Family of 4.... said...

Looks like a good summer. Congrats on your new car! We have two more weeks till school starts here. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Sarah said...

I love getting a new car. I have had a bit of bad luck (car accidents) leading to a few unplanned new cars, with an obsession for VW's I've seen the styles definitely change drastically over time ;)
Our summer has been randomly busy, similar to yours! We're a few weeks out from starting school, just finished Isaac's 504 plan and are starting to figure out this whole celiac disease deal...whew! I am a bit sad to say I am not excited about Kinder for him, it has happened way to fast. Hope the rest of your summer is lovely, enjoy those cute boys of yours!