Friday, June 28, 2013


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Want to make some yummy, trail-mixy cookies this summer?  I made a batch of these for my mom for Mother's Day* and I was very impressed with them and have been meaning to share the recipe here.  These are most definitely a full-fat and full sugar cookie, but they also have a bit of a "healthy" feel to them.  For the mix-ins I used chocolate chips, salted peanuts, and golden raisins.  Yum!  I think of their alternate name as "trail mix cookies" (in fact, the recipe calls for just adding trail mix).  These could be slipped into a child's lunch as an alternative to a commercial granola bar.

I'm a lazy blogger, so if you want to try these just click the photo of the recipe (above) and it will take you through to Flickr where you can view the image larger and it should be totally legible.  Let me know if you have any questions.

*More and more, I believe in giving "consumables" for gifts.  Things that can be used up and remembered but don't create more clutter in the person's life.  I gave my mom a tin of these cookies and a cute plant for Mother's Day.  I think she liked them!

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The Wool Fairy said...

These look great! I agree on the consumable gifts, especially when it comes to my parents who seem to have everything they could need! Glad to see you are back, I like your fashion blog, but miss your homemaking tidbits!