Sunday, January 6, 2013

more scenes from break

building with blocks kapla candy store in carpinteria crushcakes carrow's garland puzzle snow beach Went for pedicures and then stocked up on January issues. Having fun (Faith's last day). Spent some time brainstorming resolutions this morning. Basically, I need to improve on everything. nature's grill

It was a good break. We  pulled off Christmas and kicked off the January birthdays.

It's nice to be at this point, in a way. A good break was had and now it's back to reality.  I love  to have time off, but I can honestly say that working provides a balance that is necessary for me. I would not be as good a person if it were not for working. And I'm grateful for the opportunity to do so, even though I'd love to have one more day (or one more week, for that matter) of freedom.

Scenes from the break:
1 and 2.  Kapla blocks--my present to the boys (a "mama style" gift).
3.  Candy in Carpinteria.
4.  Crushcakes.
5.  Breakfast at Carrow's.
6.  Christmassy garland.
7.  United States floor puzzle.
8.  Snow in the mountains.
9.  At the beach.
10.  Pedicures and new magazines.
11.  Planning and making lists.
12.  Nature's Grill.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Everyday Things said...

Hello I've just recently found your blog and enjoying all your sewing, especially the runners. I sew runners too and even duvet covers just like you when my kids were small and it used to brighten their room sup for a fraction of the cost! so reading here some more!!

Sara said...

Looks like a great break!

hi_missy said...

I love love love those dishes. All the colors are lovely.