Friday, January 4, 2013

january birthdays

birthday table 2013 helping set up the birthday ring breakfast on his birthday 8 candles this year! cake rounds cooling white cake with fast fudge frosting almond cake b-day dinner Faith and Dieter presents! he got a new cloak birthday boys 23 and 8 birthday boys + cake

We kicked off the January birthdays last night with a party for Jacob and Dieter. Their birthdays are two days apart so these last few years we've been having a joint party for them which is really fun.  They are both such sweet great boys it is truly a pleasure to celebrate them. 

I spent the day making cakes and lasagnas.  It was so nice to have a day to be domestic and to not be back at work yet.  Often we need to have their party on New Year's Day because of work and school schedules, so it was extra nice to have it on Dieter's actual birthday.

Happy birthday Jacob and Dieter.  I'm so lucky to have such wonderful boys!


Christina Weedon said...

So fun! Birthdays always seem so perfect in your home, perhaps because they remind me of my own childhood birthdays. What were the favorite gifts?

Sarah said...

I love that last picture, the two beautiful young faces peering across the candles together.
Happy Birthday indeed :)