Saturday, November 10, 2012

fall swims

309 :: fall swim fall swims fall swims fall swims

Fall swims! This was the scene last weekend. It was hot--around 90--and I took the boys for a swim. How delightful it was. It felt luxurious. Since school started in September I hadn't really thought to take the boys swimming, but I should always remember this for warm weekends. It really feels like a mini-vacation, an escape of sorts.

Now (only one week later) we have totally different weather. It's cold overnight (30's!) and it even stayed a bit chilly in the daytime (60's!). It feels so wintery! And we like it. But pretty soon it will warm up again and next time I'm going to remember to make time for a swim.


Amber said...

Aren't these last few warm days amazing? I know it will be getting cold soon, but that only makes the warm days even better, somehow. More precious.

Sarah said...

I'm so jelous. I'm in Canada and our winter is coming quicky and always starts with the loss of the sun for weeks at a time. I was just talking to my mom who is in florida and we were laughing about what we both consider to be warm and cold. I told her it was warm today because it was 15 and she said it was cold because it was 18. So funny eh!! please enjoy a swim for me.