Friday, November 9, 2012

happy three day weekend!

314 :: We have fall leaves!

How are you guys spending the weekend? I am SO happy to have made it to the first 3 day weekend of the school year. It's a long haul through September and October. From here on out, though, there are frequent breaks and 3 day weekend--basically from now to President's Day. I am grateful. Longer weekends and school vacations give me some "breathing room." An extra day to do stuff around the house, be with Ken and the boys, and generally "collect" myself is glorious.

That said, I don't have much in the way of plans for the weekend.  I know I'm going to see Faith--she needs a break from college and roomates so is taking the overnight Greyhound tonight (poor baby).  We should definitely go have our toes done.  Mine are so sad and neglected.  Ken and I are contemplating a movie date too.  And of course I'll be working on putting together your envelopes.

Fall is finally here!  It's been super cold at night and daytime temps are refreshingly cool too.  Such a treat!  We even had "rain" yesterday (and by "rain" I mean a slight drizzle--but so exciting here in So. Cal).

PS--I'm wearing my new pink corduroy pants today to welcome the weekend.  They are totally making me smile.


Amy said...

My college freshman is having a hard time too! We sent his brother out to spend the weekend and cheer him up. Hope you have a great weekend!

Rain said...

Cute! I love pink courdoroy pants.
I'm also happy about the 3 day weekend. And we're actually getting temps here in the upper 50's & 60's which means my husband can finish painting the last side of the house.
Can't wait to receive your postcard.

Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

I love the pants! It's funny how So Cal weather can vary so much from place to place; we had steady rain Thursday for at least 8 hours, preceded by and followed by drizzle. Overall we had close to 1/2" of rain. I'm happy because it means we'll have December roses. Have a great weekend!

Amber said...

Funny how the trees changing color can change style decisions we make, isn't it? Here (Missouri) we are in the middle of a leaf snow storm, everything is orange and red. I feel myself reaching for the brighter colors in the closet so I compliment when I am out to play.