Sunday, September 23, 2012

stripes in santa cruz

stripes :: in santa cruz 1 stripes :: in santa cruz 2 stripes :: in santa cruz 3 stripes :: in santa cruz 4

Hello! Sorry to be away from the blog for so long. I hope to get my act together and be posting more frequently soon. I still am very much "transitioning" into the school year but I anticipate things will be smoothing out very soon. I always knew September would be a bear.

We took a quick trip up to Santa Cruz this weekend to move Faith up to college! Jacob moved into a little studio apartment the weekend before, and this weekend was when the students were able to move into the dorms. A huge thanks to both my parents for keeping the little boys so we were able to do this (or at least we were able to do it much more pleasantly without having to entertain them on a long trip).

When I saw this acorn mural on the side of a Safeway I asked Ken to pull over and take my picture.  I love this outfit and was so happy to be in a more northern climate--even if only for 24 hours--so as to layer.  This outfit also "unlayered" nicely as the day warmed up--I wore a black tank under the stripes, which looked very cute with just the scarf, jeans, and the red belt. 

I took just a few pics in Santa Cruz, which I will share tomorrow.


Sarah said...

you are so adorable. how funny that there was a perfect setting on the wall of a grocery store :) Glad you got the big kiddos off quickly and easily, enjoy those cute littles of yours too :) hope school keeps rollin and becoming easier and easier.

Amy McGuire said...

Love it! Welcome back.

Kristen said...

you are darling! :)

Mary Beth said...

Thanks, all. You guys are super sweet. :)

Bob von Elgg said...

Hello Mary Beth! Thanks for stopping by my acorn mural and writing about it. I posted a link back to your blog from my mural page. If you would rather not have the link there, I will take it down. Best wishes, Bob von Elgg