Monday, September 24, 2012

santa cruz weekend

cafe brasil in the trader joe's (santa cruz) saturn cafe saturn cafe f and j inside the bagelry the bagelry

We brought Faith up to college over the weekend and made a very quick little vacation out of it. No beach time at all, but we did eat out a lot, see a movie, and get to sleep in a little with no early-bird little boys waking us up!

So now all the kids are back to college and it feels like fall has really begun.  I've been thinking about my fall goals, but will save those for another post.

In the photos:
1.  Cafe Brasil
2.  We took Jacob to Trader Joe's to stock up on groceries.  Every TJ's is just a little different, and I was loving the colorful display of bars in this one.
3-5.  Cafe Saturn--a vegetarian and vegan restaurant (it's super cute).
6-7.  Had to have breakfast at The Bagelry again.  We love it.  Fun fact:  they let you order the two halves of your bagel with different toppings.

Happy Monday.  I hope your week has gotten off to a good start!  I'm tired and behind from being away all weekend, but powering through.

Oh, and by the way, we saw this movie and enjoyed it.

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amala said...

oh, i'm really envious - in america it seems absolutely normal to be able to buy vegan food. i am from germany and here it's very hard to find vegan food (except from fruits or vegetables).