Saturday, September 15, 2012

happy weekend!

sunflowers 250/366 :: we start a new school year 255/366 :: Morning commute. 257/366 :: late summer 251/366 :: 5 a day evening playground 247/366 :: mini muffins for labor day

Ok! So we made it to the weekend. Hooray!

It was a stressful week but I made it through.  Maybe things will calm down a little bit next week?  I hope so.  On the bright side, though, I do enjoy working and the rhythm of the school year.  I'm trying to enjoy this time for what it is--transitioning back to work and school, hot fall weather (why is it that fall is always hotter than our summers?), planning in the air for fall holidays and birthday, getting back into routines.

It's Saturday morning and as I write this we have almond croissants in the oven (our new favorite from Trader Joe's) and the boys are watching Looney Tunes on VHS (I give them cartoons every Saturday morning now and it has been wonderful).

Some pictures from recently--
1.  A lot of sunflowers are in bloom right now in the yard.  Ken sweetly cut a bouquet for me to greet me when I came home from work Friday afternoon.
2.  Me at my weekly Thursday meeting with Donna.  We get together to talk about dieting and life and then we go to our Weight Watchers weigh-in (sort of--a bit off track at the current moment).  Photo taken by Donna.
3.  Morning dirty-windshield commuting photo.  I leave so early in the morning now!  Out the door by 6:15.
4.  Blooms dying back in the garden.
5.  Detail from my office.  I have a corner bulletin board there where I can put up some family pics without it being too obtrusive.
6.  Rainer in the park after dinner.
7.  My favorite muffins.  I did two things on this batch that improved them:  used buttermilk instead of milk and made them into mini-muffins instead of full-size muffins.  Delish!  Now I am always going to make them this way.

Happy weekend, friends!


Anonymous said...

It always seems like just when the routine is down, it changes again! Love all the beautiful pictures!

LorenaT said...

I made the little muffins this morning and they are yummy! I used sourcream diluted with almond milk since I didn't have buttermilk on hand, nice donuty consistency. Thank you. Have a great week.