Tuesday, September 11, 2012

september update

pizza water play trampoline

Sorry to leave you with a berry tart for so long. I'm here. I'm surviving (just barely)! I'd say September is normally an exciting and stressful month (the transition back to work and school is painful but good) but this year is extra stressful.  Whaa.  But I'm ok.  Just need to put my head down and power through the month, which I will gladly do to get out on the other side and hopefully re-group.

I just took a few photos over the weekend, but here they are. 

Recipe for cheeseball is here.


The Pinnt's said...

Thank you for the cheeseball recipe. My sons birthday is next week and I think that will be a nice snack for the adults. I really appreciate it. Hang in there, September will end and you will find your feet. Xoxo

Sarah said...

oye, right there with ya - October is going to rock though, fall will be in full swing and things will be a little less overly eventful! :) Have a lovely week!

Andrea said...

Looks like you've been able to squeeze SOME fun in. Hang in there!

Neha said...

That pizza looks great! Hope you are doing well.