Friday, June 29, 2012

spending freeze

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I've decided to go on a super-big spending freeze. Last weekend when Faith and I were out shopping we had a really good time but I decided that after that day I needed to take a little breather from shopping. I've done this before and it was very uplifting. I find that there seems to be a producing/consuming continuum, and the more I am consuming (buying stuff, shopping, looking at shopping websites) the less I am producing (sewing stuff, writing blog posts, journal writing). I need to tip the balance to the other side for awhile. My spending freeze will last until September 27 (kind of an arbitrary date we chose because that is when Faith goes back to school. In the meantime, she will help me stay on track). For me, the spending freeze means no new clothes, shoes, jewelery, physical books, major craft supplies (but buying a little item I need for a specific project is ok), random clothes for the boys, etc. The point is to enjoy what I have and to just get my mind into a clearer and hopefully more creative place for awhile.

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Denise said...

I'm ready for a spending freeze too. My husband recently got a really nice bonus which we have been spending here and there (after putting 1/3 of it in savings though). After a while the spending kinda weighs you down. We are heading out on vacation so when we get back for sure!