Saturday, June 30, 2012

mango lassi + strawberry yogurt pops {summery treat}

mango lassi + strawberry lassi yogurt pops summery yogurt pops summery yogurt pops summery yogurt pops

We made these mango lassi/strawberry yogurt popsicles the other day. The first batch of popsicles of the summer feels very festive, don't you think? I got the recipe inspiration from this pin (click through to links to 50 different recipes). I ended up selecting this recipe because it was simple (I'm just not into complicated popsicle recipes!).

These were very minimally sweet--they have a lot of plain yogurt + fruit and very little sugar, so I felt good about my kids snacking on these.  Frankly, I'm a little surprised they ate them as well as they did because they are sort of tart/tangy, but they did.  Hooray!  And now I'm pretty well inspired to make more popsicles.  I love unmolding them--so exciting when they pop free.

Find the recipe here.


Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

Yum! My boys love mango lassi popsicles but I haven't made popsicles ye this summer. One thing I do is make popsicles from whatever morning smoothie we have ~ chocolate banana are a big favorite of mine (smoothie is frozen bananas, cocoa powder, and either milk or a milk alternative).

Terri Thompson said...
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Terri Thompson said...

Yum! We just recently discovered how yummy mango lassis were... I've got to try them as popsicles!

Mary Beth said...

Sunshine Alt. Mama--that sounds delicious. We'll have to try that!