Saturday, June 30, 2012

rincon beach

overlooking the beach
{beach trip}
at padaro beach grill
{lunch at Padaro Beach Grill--big sandbox in the background}
at padaro beach grill
{at Padaro Beach Grill--ocean in the background}
overlooking the beach
rincon beach
{Rincon Park}
down to the beach
{nudity prohibited}
down to the beach
{down to the beach}
at the beach
{playing--Ben is way out in the water}
{looking down the beach}
forming sand
{patting sand}
playing at the ocean
{standing at the edge of the ocean}
We went on a little day trip to the beach today. I decided last night that I want us to make a focused effort to do several little day trips throughout the summer.  We live in a beautiful place but it's so easy to get wrapped up in "everyday" stuff and not go exploring.  So from now through the rest of summer I want to embrace where we live and explore it.

We ended up getting a fairly late start today, so we stayed fairly close to home, but we went to a beach that I had never been to before--Rincon--and it was so lovely (with free and easy parking too)!  And before that, we stopped for lunch at Padaro Beach Grill which we always like.  How fun is it that we had all the kids together today?  Super fun.

To encourage myself along on this little project of seeing more of our area, I'm going to start a new series on the blog:  "California Day Trip."  Come join us!

(By the way--I just noticed that this is my 1111th post on the blog.  Woot woot!  That is a lot of posts!)


Sarah said...

alright I have two confessions:
1)I checked out your pinterest board and found the "hey girl" category and couldn't stop laughing for at least an hour, totally wast of time worthy in my book...
2)I could only dream of a sunny beach that is sandy, we're still wrapped up in overcast dreary weather here in WA, and even then most the beaches are yes please explore those gorgeous places and share :)

muffinmoon said...

I have been loving your summer holiday posts, Mary Beth. Thought I'd say thanks for the inspiration to get out a bit more. I have great plans to do the same and we went to the beach at Frinton-on-Sea on Friday evening for a picnic. This being east coast England the wind was so strong we got sand blasted back to the camper van, where we enjoyed a sand-free meal!
And I see your pother comment is from my lovely cyber-friend Sarah!

Tia said...

You are making my home town look...not so great.

I'm jealous! Explore the beauty around you!

However, we are off to a canadian island today for a little getaway. Should be fun!

Happy 4th!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, lovely ladies.

Sarah--yes! Hey Girl is hysterically funny, especially the crafting-oriented ones (there are also "crunchy mama" ones that are super funny as well). And best wishes on the sun coming out in WA soon! Cloudy weather can feel so "down" sometimes, huh?

Muffinmoon--thank you! Yeah, I get that about the wind at the beach. That is what prevents me from going more often. Yesterday was lovely and not windy so I am encouraged to try different beaches now. The beach in England sounds wonderfully romantic to me.

Tia--a Canadian island sounds fantastic! Enjoy!

peacework designs said...

We just got back from Carpinteria today and it was CROWDED!! I have never been to the beach you featured nor have I visited that grill. I think those are places on the list. . .can't wait to see more CA day trips!!! Thanks!

Mary Beth said...

Peacework Designs--yeah, the beach continued to fill after we got there. It was actually fine for the most part . . . (not perfect but totally fine as long as we played down by the water). We want to take more of our daytrips on weekdays just for that reason, since we can.

Also, Padaro Beach Grill is great and I've never had trouble finding seating there because there are so many tables on the grass. Enjoy!