Monday, July 2, 2012

hello monday


Hello Monday! Hello daisies in Carpinteria--you are so cheerful!
Hello midsummer. I can't believe it is July already!
Hello Independence Day and wearing red, white, and blue.
summer books

Hello summer book basket.
Hello session 2 of swim lessons for Dieter (Rainer's not in this session because it conflicts with the Lego camp he is starting next week).
Hello warmer weather. It is really starting to feel summery here. magic wands by dieter
Hello little boys who are obsessed with Harry Potter.
Hello drawings of magic wands.
Hello playing pretend and getting along better than usual. candy all stacked up

Hello candy all stacked up at the local market.
Hello not buying said candy (although I would like to!)
Hello healthy eating this week and cutting back on portion size and treats. our town went plastic bag-free today
Bye-bye plastic grocery bags in our town (I think it is great).
Hello remembering to bring my bags even more faithfully (I actually do pretty well).
Hello new week!

I am linking up with Lisa again for Hello Monday. What are you saying hello to?


christiejayne said...

stopping by from Hello Monday! Love your book basket...and Lego camp? That sounds really amazing! Happy Monday

the domestic fringe said...

Love your pretty photos!

Visiting from Lisa's.

Anonymous said...

That's great about the plastic bags- I wish they would do that everywhere. My trick for remembering my reusable bags is to keep them in the trunk of the car at all times. So even if I forget- I can run out and get them.


Chris said...

I am really enjoying your summer posts! you have inspired me to try a spending freeze, too.
I laso keep my bags in the trunk and after unloading in the house, just hand them on the front door handle (inside) so the next person out remembers to put them back in the car.

Denise said...

maybe i should recommend that my kids play pretend. :-)

a book basket is a great idea. going to have to steal that one.

happy monday!