Tuesday, May 15, 2012

scenes from mother's day weekend

134/366 :: Mother's day
{me and Rainer--I'm wearing my "mama" necklace I received last year}
in the museum back yard
{SB natural history museum--back yard}
133/366 :: dino
{scary t-rex}
breakfast in bed
{breakfast in bed served by my sweet family}
mother's day portrait
{a picture of me--by Rainer}
mother's day lunch at jolly kone
{at Jolly Kone}
he got a faceful of shaved ice
{enjoying his shaved ice too much!}
shaved ice colored tongue
{colored tongue}
on the beach
{at the beach}
clutch and wallet
{wallet, clutch}
mother's day--dinner out
How was your Mother's Day weekend? We had a lovely time. On Saturday the boys and I headed to lovely Santa Barbara and the Natural History Museum. We hadn't been in awhile and the boys were gleeful at being there. Imagine our surprise when we rounded a corner and encountered a huge, roaring, moving T-rex(!) --part of a new exhibit that was set to open the next day. Rainer was a little bit scared/worried, but we managed ok. After the museum we hit Crushcakes and Kids World.

 On Sunday I was treated to a sweet breakfast in bed, lunch at Jolly Kone (our funny tradition), tea time at my parent's house, a walk on the beach with Rainer, and dinner out. All in all it was a sweet and family oriented weekend.

In other news, I am reading this book now on Faith's recommendation.  I am crazy to read a book about kids with cancer because it upsets me so much, but on the other hand I love the writing and the universal themes of love and struggle.  (Plus, I've been dying to read a book by John Green because she loves him so much.  We own a signed copy, but I also bought the Kindle version--is that so wrong??  I just love the convenience of reading on my iPad).

Also, I added this yogurt maker to my wishlist.  Any thoughts?  (I've made yogurt a few times without one, but I hate hauling out the heating pad, not getting the temp quite right, etc., etc.)


nicole said...

looks like a lovely mama's day. you should get a yogurt maker...you will use it over and over. oh, that book looks interesting and sad.

Mary Beth said...

Oh, thanks Nicole. I'm glad to hear the good endorsement for the yogurt maker.

Yeah, it is good but sad. I'm only near the beginning so far, so I'll let you know . . .

Sarah said...

crushcakes look so incredibly amazing.
I am glad you had a great Mother's Day. I borrowed a friends yogurt maker for a while when the boys were 1 and 3, it was great because at that point we weren't doing dairy...now I just haven't found the time. But it would be a fabulous thing to have of my own if I could make it a priority.

Hannah said...

Hi Mary Beth - it looks like you had a wonderful weekend!
I have a yoghurt maker that makes a litre of yoghurt and I use it all the time (I've had it about 5 years) however I originally wanted one with little pots like the one you have linked to and I think I'd prefer the little pots - I think they'd be more convenient.
They're so easy to use, though. You could set it up in the morning and have the yoghurt ready by the time you get home from work.

Kristen said...

What fun! I always love your photos. :)

Please tell me more about that wallet and clutch! I love them!

Mary Beth said...

Kristin--the wallet is from Target's collaboration with Liberty of London (a couple years ago?)--sadly, no longer available.

The clutch is by Clare Vivier via Pretty Mommy. I love it! Find it here: http://shopprettymommy.myshopify.com/collections/clare-vivier/products/clare-vivier-foldover-clutch

This clutch makes me feel so chic and her bags are made in LA so I feel like I'm supporting "local" which actually feels very good.

Kristen said...

Thanks Mary Beth! :)

saraelise said...

It looks like a lovely day! Happy Mother's Day to you.

Amy from VA said...

Ah, I also have an autographed copy of The Fault in Our Stars. I loved his book Looking for Alaska too. So many great "young adult" books out there for "adults who feel young"! : )