Thursday, May 17, 2012

sarah carey's rings

Sarah Carey's rings (left hand)
{left hand rings}
Sarah Carey's rings (right hand)
{right hand rings}
Have you been watching the Everyday Food videos they've been posting?? I have them delivered to my e-mail inbox so we never miss one--so fun! When I first heard they were doing a daily video, five days a week seemed almost like too much--who needs five new recipes every week? But now I'm addicted. The little boys watch them with me (especially Rainer--the boys think Sarah is such a funny lady.  She does have such a fantastic personality) and we've been trying quite a few of the recipes.

Also, I'm in love with Sarah's rings. She started out in the earlier videos wearing that gorgeous platinum wedding set (left hand). Now she mostly wears her equally gorgeous gold stack on her right hand. Both sets are so pretty.

See that delicious caramel-and-nut concoction she is patting down in the bottom photo? We made that over Mother's Day weekend. It was delicious fresh from the pan, but one hot car ride down to my parents' house sadly ruined them. They melted into a puddle, never to set up firmly again. My advice if you make them is to eat them and enjoy them strictly in the house.


nicole said...

oh i love the right hand stack...

catie said...

i love both stacks, mostly for ring-spiration, but i wonder if we could find out where they are from ♥