Tuesday, January 3, 2012

instagram 366?

January 1--birthday table under construction.

January 2--gift tags. Getting a late Christmas box ready for mailing.

January 3--going out for ice cream on his actual birthday.

I'm thinking of doing a 366 project (a photo a day for one year), but with Instragram. A lot of people whose blogs I read and whose Flickr streams I follow have done these photo a day projects before, but I've never been able to really get one going. I'm no photographer, but I do like the idea of recording daily life. I like the idea of persuing the project with Instagram. The stakes are much lower because Instagram is so friendly--no real worries about having the photography be "good". And it's just so darn easy to whip out the iPhone and record a moment. I love the ease of that.

Anyone else thinking about a 366 project?

By the way, I'm looking for someone to help me figure our why all my photos are cut off on the right (on my blog) when I link my photos from Flickr. Any thoughts? Do I need to make my blog template wider or something? I'd like to resolve this this year.


Emma said...

The answer to the problem with chopped off images is: yes, you need to make part of your blog wider (or use narrower images!). In this post, for example, the images are 500px wide. The area for your blog posts is 410px wide from what I can see so you will always lose a bit of your images. You could mess about with the CSS for your blog to make the posts area widers or if you're not confident doing that and you're hosting all your images on Flickr you could just choose a different size image to insert - Flickr gives you a selection for each image you host. You might find that the next size down is a little bit small though. The other thing you could do is change the values when you insert the Flickr image HTML (you'll probably see the '500' sat in there - you could change this to 400, but you'd need to change the height of the image too so that it isn't distorted). Personally I'd go for changing the CSS, but I guess it depends how happy you are with editing this. I'd be happy to help if you like - I used to be a web developer before I became a mummy and I promise it isn't hard!

Lisa said...

There is an instagram project 366, I've been doing it! Here's the pinterest link, I can't go to the site for you to get a real one just this minute:


Mary Beth said...

Emma-- thank you so much! I will e-mail you over the weekend if I get stuck and I most surely will.

Lisa-- thanks! That is probably where I got the inspiration. I must have scrolled past it on my Plinterst feed.

Andrea said...

I adore your mushroom plate and mushroom/gnome gift tags! So cute. I had the same problem with the cut-off photo (and other problems too) so I just gave up on linking photos from Flickr (plus I never took the plunge into paying for "pro" status). I just read the first sentence of Emma's solution and my eyes rolled back in my head...I guess I'm still a bit of a luddite. Happy New Year and enjoy your 366 project! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Yes, I think you need to make part of your blog wider... I've had to mess with it quite a few times.

I'm doing a "NO SHOPPING" challenge for the year -- I'm not buying anything for myself for one year. Yeah, it's going to be tough! But I really want to see if I can do it.

I enjoy your blog.

peacework designs said...

I am loving your gift tags! But I'm freaking out at this new Instagram thing. Another blogger I read is doing it too. Yet ANOTHER blog/social network/photosite/etc. to keep up with! Does this mean you won't be putting the pics up on this blog? Will they only be on the Instagram thingie?!?!? Sorry if I'm a moron about this!! And, I'm having similar margin issues with my blog. Aye yay yi. Modern technology.

Christina said...

I've decided to do a photo project this year!! Five days in, I confess that I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I typically take a LOT of photos, but this is a whole new level ;)

I'm excited to stick with it though, and if I successfully complete the year, I'm going to reward myself by making it all into a book for our home. Also excited to watch your Instagram project!! Your photos always inspire me.

Follow my project, if you'd like:
www.dandelionsonthewall.com, and, http://www.flickr.com/photos/26147828@N05/sets/72157628685801927/

Anonymous said...

Can't help you with the pictures getting cut off, but I am doing this photo a day project, a year of good things (mostly with my iphone).


Enjoy and thanks always for the inspiration.


Mary Beth said...

Peacework designs--I so hear you on this. There truly are just too many opportunities for social networking out there. I try to keep it really simple. My blog is my favorite online outlet. I hardly tweet or facebook--they're just not my thing. I think Instagram is truly fun, though. And it's not too much more involved just to make a flickr set of one instagram per day.

I'll surely be using a lot of the photos on the blog, but if you want to follow all my daily instagrams, the easiest way would be to click over to my flickr account (easily found in the sidebar).

Happy new year, all!