Thursday, January 5, 2012

calendar love 2012

calendar love 2012
I love the "fresh" feeling of January. I love taking down the Christmas decorations (which start to feel so cluttery after a few weeks), contemplating my intentions for the new year, and breaking out the new calendars. Last year I went a little calendar crazy, buying several for various rooms/occasions, but this year I'm enjoying getting back to basics with just my favorite wall calendar and planner. The wall calendar is my usual Nikki McClure. I think this is my fourth year. I'm addicted to her graphic, sometimes weird, always amazing papercuts and the words she pairs them with. I always hang this above the nature table. The boys love turning the page at the first of the month.

calendar love 2012
I also get a Little Otsu planner each year (I think this is my third). More and more I'm using this not as a planner so much as a "one sentence journal" sort of thing (I do write more than one sentence--a little summary of what I did that day).

calendar love 2012
I like how there is also a space for a weekly to-do list and more room to write thoughts and ideas in the "notes" section. This year one of my goals is to keep up with this little planner/journal even in the summer. Last year I stopped writing much in the summer and now I regret it. These are fun to look back on.

By the way, I buy both the Nikki McClure and Little Otsu calendars from Buy Olympia.


Tammie said...

great minds think alike. i bought my nikki m calendar from buyolympia too. i love it.

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

I love to hang up my new calendar every January 1st as well!! POSSIBILITIES!