Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Randomness

Lina over at Linaloo tagged me to list some random Christmas facts about myself. Here goes!

As a girl growing up, my grandparents would always visit for Christmas and bring a plum pudding for our Christmas dessert. It was the real deal--made weeks in advance, steamed, soaked in liquor, and my grandfather would make a grand presentation of flaming the plum pudding on Christmas Eve night. It was very cool--of course I didn't like it (the taste) as a little girl but started to gain an appreciation for it as a teen. When my grandparents died, so did that tradition.

We always called the day before Christmas Eve "Christmas Adam." Do lots of people do that? That is the day my grandparents would arrive too--always bearing a tin of fudge in addition to the plum pudding.

As a divorced mom in Kansas, the kids and I had an artificial tree for a few years. It was cheap, so convenient, and just the thing for a single mom, especially since we would fly to California for the break and didn't want to leave a real tree sitting alone in the house.

I think candy canes are underrated.

As a girl and teen I sung in the church choir and that was a big part of all my Christmases--I enjoyed it so.

My favorite Christmas cookie is probably the peanut butter ones with the chocolate kiss in the middle (or more recently, mini-peanut butter cup), but I think cut out sugar cookies with bright icings are also essential. I usually make about 6 or so different kinds of cookies over the holidays. Sadly, this year I haven't started any yet.

Okay, that's about all I have. And if you would like to play too, I tag you!


Suzanne said...

Isn't it too bad when a tradition dies off, kinda sad:-( Your grandparents must have been special:-)

Melissa said...

I enjoyed your Christmas stories. I've never heard of Christmas Adam before, must have been someone's silly sense of humor (Adam and Eve) :o) I love the candy cane photo, that would make a great blog header!

Lina said...

Thanks for playing Mary-Beth. I love those cookies with the kiss in the middle too! Do they even have a name?

amanda said...

I agree that candy canes are underrated. I adore them for their looks, taste, and price.

This was a fun trip down memory lane. It sounds like you have many happy memories of your grandparents and of Christmasses past. I'm sure your little ones will, too.

And Christmas Adam is so clever. I think I'll borrow it from you :)

Amy said...

Christmas Adam! Love it! For Christmas Adam we like to order a pizza, open our ornaments to each other and add them to the tree, then sit in front of the tv and watch White Christmas while eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate...laced with peppermint schnapps or baileys mint...for us grown ups that is!