Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Salad People

This summer when I was pre-ordering copies of Harry Potter for everyone else in the family, I got this little book for Dieter as well: Salad People by Mollie Katzen. Wouldn't you know, the whole summer went by without us trying any recipes! So last week, on a weeknight no less, we tried the title recipe.
It was a hit. In fact, Dieter is standing here right now (yeah, up at 5am with me) saying "yummy" and "I liked the pear." This recipe, and the book in general, promotes healthy eating, and this book (as opposed to her other children's cookbooks) is aimed at toddlers, which is very fun for us right now.
We had fun using whatever we had to make these little salad people--I really liked that the recipe is so flexible. And Dieter liked getting creative with the arrangements (not all of his had eyes right on the face, for example).
I haven't explored all the recipes yet, but it looks good--unlike other kids' cookbooks, sweets and processed foods are minimized.
And I really like the step-by-step picture instructions. Happy Wednesday!!


Christy said...

Love the pear person!

amanda said...

Oh that's really cute! I've seen the Honest Pretzels and Pretend Soup, but they are both a little advanced for my kiddo. This is perfect.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I received a Betty Crocker Boys and Girls Cookbook when I was a child back in the 1960's. The book had several salad people, and my favorite was the bunny salad; a half of pear, almond sliver ears laid back, cottage cheese tail, you get the idea. They also made faces for cereal, peach halves with raisins and a cheero mouth and so on. How fun that now there is an entire book on the theme.
I really enjoyed peeking into your life...I'm from San Diego, raised my kids there and your blog brought back a lot of memories of those times.

Cassi said...

I hope you'll add your pear person to the Crafty Crow Funny Food contest - it's adorable!