Friday, November 9, 2007

Mad Lib o-Rama

My little boys get a lot of air-time on this blog, but Jacob, my 17-year-old, is a super-neat kid too. It is so fun and good for me to be able to look at Dieter and Rainer and remember so strongly how Jacob was at that age and then turn to Jacob to see how all this parenting stuff turns out. He's smart, he's responsible, he has passions, he's a healthy eater, he's kind. Oh, and he is great with the little ones, too.

Over the weekend, Jacob helped me with my blog (he's my only tech support) and he showed me a program he's been working on over at his blog (if you go over there you have to click on his link to get to the actual game). It's a mad-lib game and generator. So fun! And super-clever, I think. He wrote all the code for it by hand--he showed it to me--it's tons of code and took him hours, but he did it just for fun. So anyway, you can play a mad-lib, then after you read the story you've created, you can make your own mad-lib story to be added to his site. It's really neat--if you do go over there, mine is "A Fallish Walk." Some of his friends have made them too. Oh, and they are teenage boys, so I can't account for exactly what's in there! (But these are all nice college bound smart kids, so shouldn't be too bad I don't think).

It's been a long week for me. The weekend is most welcome. Happy Friday!


Carrie said...

Amazing isn't it? All that effort has ended in some very fine children.

Sarah and Jack said...

Wow, that is impressive!

I would be happy to just be able to get my blog archives in the same format as yours. (Probably never going to happen.)

Gift of Green said...

Oh, that is totally fun and brilliant. Mine is called A Tummy Ache!