Friday, July 13, 2007


In summertime, Fridays are our day to go to the pool. We love taking the boys to the pool in Ventura, and although it is a major production to get everyone ready (sunscreen, swim diapers, packing a snack, loading the double stroller, etc., etc., etc.) it is really worth it when we get there. There is something so summery about a public pool and the crush of children and mommies and daddies and strollers and bags . . .and I love making this a summer ritual and memory for my little babes. Last summer I took Dieter by myself, but this summer Ken and I both go and each "take" a baby. Both boys are pretty comfortable around the water--Rainer kept dunking his mouth in! I showed Dieter how to play "alligator" on the long steps and he liked taking rides along them in my lap. He loved watching the big kids come down the slide too. We always bring a healthy snack to eat on the grassy area afterwards. It's really fun and it tires them out. Ah, summer.

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