Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mad Party Preparations

Crazy crazy day getting everything ready for Faith's party (and it's a really simple party too!). First up, gathering the favors. Party favors are my favorite thing about birthday parties and I bought these well in advance. I like to give a good favor with plenty of goodies but I'm also cautious not to overspend--thus, the favors are always a fun challenge. Here we have Mentos, bought in an economical multi-pack at Target, small spiral notebooks with bird graphics, also from Target (only 99 cents), lipbalms, shower gel, and tiny glazewear lipstick samples, all from Avon, and cute pens with different ink colors. I'm very pleased with the assortment this year.
And here are the favors all packaged up.
I always like to open the party with a craft. This year the girls are making marble magnets (I found the tutorial here). I was super-impressed with how creative they were finding tiny images in the magazines--they really surprised me.
Here are some of the finished magnets--maybe a little hard to see in the picture, but they turned out so cute.
The now traditional name/age cookies. More tomorrow. Apparently Blogger will only let me upload 5 photos at a time. Right now the party is ongoing and they're having a very loud and girly time.


Carrie said...

Very fun. I love the magnets and cookies.

Mary Beth said...

It was fun; I'm glad it's over.