Thursday, July 26, 2007

Instant Gratification Girl

I love a quick project I can complete in one sitting. These bibs were so quick, fun, and easy, and I love the way they turned out. This is another project from my Bend the Rules Sewing book that I've been enjoying so much. They're lined with flannel on the back and finished with a snap closure. I loved pounding those snaps in with my hammer--so satisfying. And snaps are so satisfyingly old school--way nicer than Velcro, the feel of them, and the sound.
Choosing the fabrics was fun too. I love these gnomes so much, and the little German suns and moons. I plan to make many more, using more of my cute fabrics, and some for gifts too.
It's great putting Rainer in a bib made lovingly by Mommy. I immediately gathered all his store-bought Made in China bibs for the garage sale pile. Handmade things rule.


Carrie said...

Those are very cool bibs. If you lived here and maybe even there, you could sell them at the many art & crafts fests.

Mary Beth said...

Yeah, probably. The author of the book does allow you to sell the stuff--you have to give credit to her as the designer.