Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random Things Post

Both babies are in daycare this morning and I hardly know what to do with myself. Very excited. Don't worry--I have plenty of ideas (most of them involve sewing)--just have to choose one. Yesterday I was off to the dermatologist with my afternoon time (just a check, because we are paranoid about skin cancer around here with our fair skin and light eyes), but Monday I got a chance to sew this bag for Faith.
She has been making a style statement of going off to summer school each morning with a different bag, some of them home sewn. She spotted the fabric, and I put paired it with the linen blend I got at Joanne's for 60% off (love that--thankfully I bought 3 yards because the sale is off now, darn it). Faith loves the bag, and so do I. It's basically the same bag as Sylvia's, only in a larger scale with a very long strap. I'm pleased that Faith likes it so much.
Here are the orange breakfast muffins Dieter and I made Sunday morning. It's a Nigella recipe, from Nigella Bites. These were surprisingly light, especially considering that a toddler was so involved in their making. They have a fab orange scent and subtle but delicious flavor. They contain ground almonds, so maybe that is part of the appeal. We used oranges from the yard.
And here are my new yellow flats, sort of. I bought these for Faith's 8th grade promotion, way back in February. By the time promotion rolled around she'd outgrown them, sadly, because they are so darn cute. So I tried them on yesterday. They fit me, as far as the length goes, but these type of sweet narrow shoes just aren't comfortable for me. I don't consider myself to have a wide foot, but alas, these shoes pinch. Maybe I'll get a bit of use out of them, who knows? Happy Wednesday, everyone. I'm off to sew.

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