Friday, July 20, 2007

Carrie's Gift

I've been holding off on posting about Carrie's gift until she received it. Now that she has, here it is. This is the first zippered pouch I attempted from Bend the Rules Sewing and I embellished it with embroidery. Aside from a little zipper trouble, I really like the way it turned out. I love this linen fabric I found at Joanne's,
and this green floral lining really pleases me. I like the way the embroidery really compliments it too.
I included little gifts to go in the bag . . .
and wrapped them all separately with fun tissue papers. I liked how it all turned out and I hope it was fun to open.


Carrie said...

It was so fun to open. (See my blog.) Thank you.

Harry Pottering tonight in California? Anna and I are off to Hy-Vee early for dinner and then the big wait. I can almost bet that tomorrow, I won't be reading blogs.

Mary Beth said...

We actually ordered ours from Amazon and they will arrive tomorrow.