Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy May Day!

I decided to stay up late last night to make these little May baskets for the fam so they could be greeted with them hanging on their doorknobs in the morning.
All you do is take a cardstock rectangle, fold it into a cone, and tape it in place. I couldn't find the brads to attach the handles, so I just taped those too. Then I wrapped a Dove chocolate in colored tissue paper and enclosed those along with the flowers from the yard.

I like the way these turned out--so cheery hanging from doorknobs in the morning.

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Carrie said...

Very cool. You have to remind me of these things. That would be nice to do for work next year. Or Passion Woman could do these well enough. I'm taking lots of vitamins. Ate some fish off the Merc's hot food bar yesterday for lunch. Have a great day.