Monday, April 30, 2007

Health Week: Day One--Nutrition

As I get further into my working mom lifestyle (and further from my glorious maternity leave) I'm becoming more and more aware how my good health is integral in making this whole thing work. The healthier I am, the more energy I have, and the more I can give to my babies and the whole entire family. And there are so many things to do! The chores alone, yes of course that is part of it, and I need lots of energy to stay super organized, but I also have so many ideas of extra things I want to do for the family--all of which circles back to my energy and good health--the more I have, the more I can do.

So what does it take to stay healthy and energetic? This is a topic near and dear to my heart (I am a nurse after all). Today we'll start by discussing nutrition. Most of us know what we should be doing--but not everyone is doing it. Avoiding fats, getting more fiber and whole grains, and eating lots and lots of vegetables and fruits. (Is it a little ironic that eating this way takes more energy? Washing and chopping veggies, cutting up fruit, cooking something for dinner instead of eating out, etc. etc?) I do a pretty good job generally. I cook dinner and pack lunches and snacks for all of us. For me, snacking and sweets are the big issues (and I could always stand to get in more veggies and fruits, like everyone). I'm compiling a list of healthy snack choices for encouragement. Here's a start:
  • edamame
  • homemade muffins, especially the healthy Eating Well muffins I like to make
  • string cheese with Triscuits
  • fruit, of course
  • veggies with hummus
  • trail mix
  • cottage cheese with pineapple
  • light yogurt
I really believe that the fuel we use affects how we feel. By the way, the picture above is from tonight's dinner. I made bread, Mexicali Skillet (my mother's recipe--but I use whole wheat pasta), and salad, which we have every night, with Good Seasons Garlic and Herb dressing. Simple and healthy--that's what I like. Now it's your turn--what's your favorite healthy snack or dinner?


Carrie said...

My favorite dinner is whatever is on the table in Oaji. I'm just getting so stressed out that I am really going to have to watch my own health. I don't want to become one of those folks who gets stressed out and is always sick. Have a great day! (Also, ate cereal before bed but sometime in the night, that song "Saturday in the Park" got stuck in my head. I didn't sleep much again and feel murderous.)

Mary Beth said...

Carrie, you have got to start taking better care of yourself. Stay tuned for my next health post!