Thursday, May 3, 2007

Faith's Bag

Faith called me at work yesterday to say she had plans to make a bag and she needed to use the sewing machine. "I can't exactly explain how to thread it over the phone," I said. She said, that's okay, she can use it when I get home. She actually ended up making two bags--the original one she had envisioned, only it didn't turn out as she had hoped (it was very cute--had a Buddha cut from an old T-shirt, and she incorporated 4 other print fabrics) and the more sedate bag pictured above. I have several thoughts about her sewing:
  • I'm thrilled THRILLED that she's creative and that she wants to take the next step by actually producing something.
  • I'm a little afraid that she's going to break my sewing machine.
  • As many times as I say "right sides together should be your mantra, Faith" she mostly ignores me, so her projects have many raw edges.
  • I have NO patience for teaching her to sew proplerly. Teaching is not one of my gifts.
  • I'm very sad that the schools no longer have "home ec" type classes because that is where I mostly learned to cook and entirely learned to sew and I think those skills are important.
  • I'm pretty excited that she's interested in sewing at all. I'm proud of her that she's willing to step outside her comfort zone, both in creating the thing and then in wearing it to school.
You go, girl!

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Carrie said...

Great bag Faith!