Monday, April 23, 2007

Turning the Big .50!

Today Rainer turned six months old! Let's say first off that his sleep has gotten worse instead of better. He's gone from waking every few hours, nursing, and going back down, to only wanting to sleep in the car seat, to waking more frequently, to wanting to nurse then not be put back down. Having him simply join us in bed is not an option, since Dieter is in there half the time, so more likely the little guy and I end up on the couch at some point in the night. Oh my.
He's a confirmed two-finger sucker who rejects the paci, he loves to roll over strongly and does a pretty good job inching around the floor--you can tell he wants to crawl. He's showing signs of sitting up--he has the muscle strength--but it's still going to be awhile because he loves, has always loved, to rear back. He reaches for toys, reaches for my dinner, pulls my hair, and throws things down--he's in That stage. He loves "Skip to My Lou" and "You Are My Sunshine" and "Ladybug Picnic," all of which we listen to on this album.
He's totally adjusted to daycare and of course they love him there. He's very smiley, thus has won himself a special place in their affections, which is a good thing if you need to leave your baby in daycare. He hasn't tried rice cereal yet, but soon.
Rainer, it's been a great month. You are a fantastic baby and mama loves you always.


Carrie said...

What a great baby! Made Cookie Break-up. I love that stuff. Ate it for dinner. Made a poached egg this morning. It was great!

Mary Beth said...

So glad I've influenced your food choices! I got the book; will add to it and return it soon.