Sunday, April 29, 2007

Solid Food and Other Weekend Pleasures

Saturday night Rainer had his first solids and boy, did he take to rice cereal like an old pro! I couldn't believe how quickly he got the hang of eating from a spoon--basically with the first bite. Dieter wanted in on the action too, and insisted on having his own "baby spoon" and alternately wanting to eat the rice cereal himself and wanting to feed Rainer. Both were covered with ricey goodness by the end of the feeding. I know it's been "disproven" that rice cereal helps babies sleep through the night, but Rainer slept much better than usual with two long stretches in the crib.
In other weekend happenings, we attended a community "Picnic in the Meadow." It was hosted by the "First Five" foundation, which promotes early learning for pre-schoolers, and we didn't know what to expect. Happily, it turned out to be delightful. The meadow setting was very pretty, there was a nature scavenger hunt, and lunch and snacks were provided, completely free of charge. As usual, Ken ran into people he knew, and he introduced me to an interesting woman named Evelyn who told me about doing the "Diaper Free" method with her daughter. Basically the baby is literally diaper-free and when you sense she is ready to "go" you hold her over a little pot--fascinating stuff. She said she loved doing it and it was really easy.
Also this weekend, there were cupcakes to be had. I'm on a bit of a cupcake kick right now. The children helped decorate, especially Dieter, who enjoyed pouring great quantities of colored sugar over his (as evidenced by the yellow cupcake front and center in this photo).
Once again Dieter was much more interested in creating than in eating the cupcakes. The rest of us were happy to help him out in that department, though.


Carrie said...

I read this first thing this morning. What delightful cupcakes. I'm totally not surprised by Rainer's interest in solids. I hope he keeps up the good sleep. I need some good sleep myself. Maybe I'll try some rice cereal!

Mary Beth said...

Go to bed with a tummy full of carbs. Ahh.