Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Twisted Double-Life, Back Full Force

What a difference a week makes! Last week I was rested and relaxed at the end of Spring Break. One week back into my work life and at least three of us a variously sick, the house is a mess, and I am most decidedly not relaxed. Nevermind, cupcakes to the rescue.
The weekend was mostly filled with necessary tasks (grocerying, cooking for the week, a Saturday morning trip to the doctor to have Dieter's fever checked--don't worry, it's only a cold), and stolen naps whenever possible, but I did have in mind a little cupcake project I wanted to do with Deiter. Cupcakes are hot right now, have you noticed? I'm trying to be a bit more realistic about the amount of time I have for baking, so I bought a mix, but made the delicious frosting from scratch, from this fab cookbook with heart. (I love children's cookbooks because they lack pretense and just get down to basics).
Dieter did really well with the decorating--he was able to do much more, and he made much less mess, than I expected. He ate a little bit of one, but was not really that into the eating part. He surely enjoyed decorating them, and I loved experiencing that with him. We big people thought they were yummy.

Another week awaits (hey, only 8 more weeks til summer break). Upcoming on my blog: Health Week.


Carrie said...

This made the start of my week! I'm hoping to have t-shirts made soon.

Analise said...

Well written article.