Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Peaceful Moment

Rainer is cranky. Don't know what's wrong, but he seems to like pressure on his tummy today, so maybe it's something gastrointestinal. So it's the Moby to the rescue. He's just taking his nap on me. By the way, we are loving the Moby Wrap, and it's quite a hit when I take him out into public in it. Everyone wants to stop me and either ask where I got it or just comment on how comfy he looks. It's comfy for both of us. Right now I'm savoring these precious baby days of wearing him close. I know all too well how quickly he'll be running around and there will be no need for "wearing" him at all. So although I'm majorly stressed out at the moment by all the sca-reaming he's been doing, I'm focusing on the sweetness of him and how much I love holding him close.

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