Sunday, February 11, 2007

Valentine Gifts

I like to give give Valentine's gifts to Ken and the children. Long ago in Kansas we had a darn cute Valentine's book in which the characters (I think they were clothed rabbits) followed a trail of hearts to find their valentines. So I started doing a trail of hearts on Valentine's Day morning for Jacob and Faith. The trail would start at their bedroom doors and wind around down the stairs and they would find their gifts at the end. I really like doing it on the actual day, but now we have to have our annual trail of hearts on the weekends because we're not all together during the week. And it's no longer a morning event--it's in the evening after a nice dinner. So that's what's going on tonight. We're have a lasagne we all like, a Cooking Light recipe, and a new dessert I'm trying, also fron Cooking LIght--a chilled dessert with graham crackers. Looks yummy in the picture so I'm hoping it will be a hit. Usually desserts go over well here, especially with me.


Faith said...

Hey! Im going to be famous. Ummm... Cool bloooog madre!

kirsten + aaron said...

i really like this idea - i may steal it!