Monday, February 12, 2007

Next Year There Will Be Changes

The Valentine's Dinner was a big stressful disappointment. To begin with, Rainer had been fussy all day and continued being in not a good mood. Dieter refused to nap that afternoon, so was tired and needing a lot of attention by dinnertime. And Ben could only be with us for exactly one hour and a half, so the whole thing was on a clock (which is not compatible with having screaming babies on hand who need you). Geesh! I was majorly stressed out and a good time was not had by all. On the upside, I feel "released" to do something much simpler next year and I already have lots of ideas.

My favorite Valentine's memory will be of Dieter. He was non-plussed by the Brio train cars I got him, but he really wanted Faith's lip glosses. So Faith ran and got him an old lip gloss and he was so dang cute walking the trail of hearts (for the 3rd or 4th time, just for fun) while simultaneously glossing his lips. Then every once in awhile he would approach me or Faith, hold out the tube, and say "want some?" What a good sharer!

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Faith said...

Dieter was sooo cute when he said that! Wow he is like soo cool it makes me feel bad HAHAHEHEHE! Uproarus laugh