Saturday, May 28, 2016

a dreamy/practical long weekend


It's helpful to set my intentions for the weekend.  Here we go!


:: dinner out Friday night with Ken (check!  It was fun.  We went to Yardhouse then walked around and got coffee and did a little shopping)
:: Saturday morning hike--by myself (whoop!  Love this and I'm so glad I'm getting back into the routine--this one healthy ritual sets the tone for the entire week in terms of staying active and taking care of myself).
:: take the boys to the pool (maybe more than once!)
:: dinner tonight at my parents'--lots of relatives will be there.  I'm bringing fruit.  :)
:: read something printed (!) Crazy, I know.  I never do this anymore, but I want to get back into books.
:: watch an episode of Grace and Frankie (I actually started episode one last night--looks good!)


:: clean floors.  I actually love this now since I have a new vacuum and new steam mop.  I can't get enough of clean floors!
:: declutter something.  Last weekend I decluttered a drawer and I felt pretty discouraged about it (because I felt like I couldn't get rid of enough stuff) but last night when I opened that drawer I noticed a huge difference and felt so good about it.  So, in Flylady style, I need to just do it and stop being a perfectionist about it (applies to all cleaning).
:: tons of laundry (as always)
:: return shoes to Zappos for Dieter and order larger sizes!

What are you up to this weekend?  Doing anything special for Memorial day??  We're just chillin' at home.

Also:  I'm on Snapchat now and it's so fun.  I'm @faeriemb on Snapchat (and on Instagram).  Come follow along if you like!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Unknown said...

I always enjoy your dreamy - practical posts. It make me be more aware of what I would like to do in the weekend instead of just recovering from the week and doing laundry and grocery shopping like every weekend.
My eldest daughter turned 9 on Thursday, so we're having a birthday weekend. Today, we had her 'childrens party' as she calls it, with 7 friends, cake, and a trip to the indoor pool (her choice, not mine, as I really dislike swimming, but it was a succes). Tomorrow is the 'family party' with lots of grand parents, aunts, uncles, and counsins. And then Monday I will have to recover from the weekend at work ;)

Gabi said...

Those peonies are lovely!
Weekend here will be filled with cleaning, laundry and getting organised, as I will go back to work after one year of unemployment. Will be a big change, so at the moment there are to-do-lists everywhere. The "dreamy" part will be finishing the balcony and plant some herbs...

Denise said...

loving that you are blogging again~

Our Adventures As A Family of 4.... said...

We are staying in. Husband had to work so we bbq'd last night. I am liking Grace and Frankie, it's a bit on the odd side but I kind of like that. I am on season 2.


Madame Melville said...

Yay! I am do excited you are back . I'm a huge fan of your dreamy/practical lists. It's something I've used over the years. Happy summer!!