Sunday, June 12, 2016

design your summer


Hello. Can you believe that summer is almost upon us?

At this time of year I always become anxious/contemplative about how I'm going to spend my summer.  My goal each year is to to take a big bite and get all I can out of the season.  My worry is that I'll let summer just "wash over me" and not really take advantage of my freedom and the long days.  I work in a school setting  so summer is the season when I have several weeks off from work, more time at home, more time with my family, and more time to structure my days as I wish.  Usually summer rushes by and I always enjoy it but I have a goal of me being in charge of summer instead of summer having its way with me.

I love structure and routines.  They are comforting to me and I need them to stay happy and feel in control--even if that feeling is just an illusion.  So I'm thinking of a way I can impose somewhat of a structure to my summer while still fully acknowledging we will be running around going to appointments and playdates and vacations and day trips and such.

Gretchen Rubin was talking about "designing her summer" on her podcast a week or two ago and I love the idea of designing the kind of summer I want to have.  I need to start writing some of my ideas down.  Here is some of what I've been thinking:

  • I want to make a quasi "schedule" that includes reading time for me and the kids.  My plan right now is to get up early and read by myself for an hour and 15 minutes every morning before the day really begins.  That would be huge for me and I think getting back into reading would help me so much with my anxiety and emotions.  An hour and 15 may be unrealistic but if I could manage 30 minutes that would be fantastic.  And for me and the boys I'm planning to read to them every morning at 10am when they turn off their electronic entertainments for the day and we shall have tea and Rainer can play with magnatiles or blocks if he needs to be occupied while we are reading.
  • I want to make a lot of homemade popsicles, starting with these ones.  (BTW I am over the moon happy those gross counter tops are out of my life for good.  Words cannot express . . .)
  • many trips to the beach will be ours
  • and many trips to the pool
  • we want to make a lot of iced tea and we were just introduced to a kid friendly one (I might have to order it on Amazon because I refuse to go to the chain supermarket here and I can't find it at my local market).  
  • and I would love to fit in a lot of day trips--Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, LA, Malibu, etc.  So many day trip ideas!
And I'm sure there is much more I've been thinking about but these are the big things that come to mind.  Oh, and exercise and meditation.  We'll see.  Definitely a lot of walking and hiking (and late evening trampoline jumping, when it cools off).

So--one more thing I want to mention is Snapchat.  It is super fun over there--find me at faeriemb if you wish.  I've been snapping a lot of our every day goings on, outfits, recipes/dinner ideas, and miscellaneous thoughts.  Also I've been posting a bit on my other blog, FaerieMB so please to feel free to come over there if you like to discuss clothes and outfits.  


Greyhaven Pines said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer, Mary Beth. I hope we'll get to read about/see some of it here! :) I, too, need structure and order to be my best self. I've made a summer bucket list for the past few years. Some of it happens and some of it doesn't, but I know a lot more happens than would otherwise because I make the list. Some of the things on this year's list are completing several area (Colorado) hikes, including the Manitou Incline (becoming a yearly climb for us), reading out loud with my 11-year-old boy -- he's totally capable of reading on his own, of course, but I just want the time together, eating more ice cream and decluttering closets.

Gabi said...

I have just discovered snapchat and I am so fascinated by it that I fogot to check out your blog, imagine!
Having a kind of routine for summer is a great idea, we always spent to much time hanging around and wasted so much time doing NOTHING, all the great plans for summer did just not get acomplished. And what could be better than reading? 😊

MadameRenard said...

Love your idea to get up early to read more!
I'll do this!
Thank you for inspiring me!!!

GreyhavenPines said...

Hi Mary Beth,

I just wanted to let you know that I miss your blog. It was not only physically beautiful but also had beautiful, life insights. I know blogs are a lot of work and have, to a large extent, fallen out of fashion. I hope you and your family are well. — Joyce

GreyhavenPines said...

Hi Marybeth,

Thinking of and praying for you and your dear family during these times. Joyce in Colorado

Unknown said...

Hi Joyce! I just saw this comment. So nice to hear you are thinking of us during the pandemic. I hope you are well and safe. We have been taking it very seriously and so far have remained safe and healthy.