Friday, August 22, 2014

dreamy/practical :: new school year edition

Huntington Gardens in Pasadena

I just completed by first week back to work. SO glad to have that first week behind me. To tell you the truth, only Thursday and Friday were student days, but nonetheless the week felt intense. Opening school is hectic. I'm so glad to be off and running.

A dreamy/practical list feels appropriate.  Something I've been thinking about is approaching the weekends with more intention.  I'd like to plan a bit ahead, have something specific to look forward to during the week, and not let the precious weekend simply wash over me.  These two days each week are so valuable and I want to make them count.

So with that in mind, here is my list for this first weekend of the school year.


:: my mom turns 79 today!  We will go tomorrow and wish her happy birthday and sing to her and eat cake.
:: date night with Ken on Saturday night.  Hooray for Saturday date night!
:: Saturday morning yoga.  The summer was crazy and I barely made it to any yoga classes.  Sad!  And now I'm back at square one and 5 lbs heavier (at least).  It will feel good to get back into it.
:: and after yoga I want to lay out by the pool for one hour.  I think Ken and the boys will meet me there and maybe we will order lunch.
:: dream of recipes and cooking.  We've been getting a kitchen remodel this summer and I haven't had a kitchen for the past several weeks.  Two or so more weeks to go!  Can't wait to make poached eggs and family dinners.
:: on Sunday we want to have a little picnic in the park.


:: laundry is more challenging since the kitchen remodel means we also don't have a laundry room for now.  I've been doing laundry at my parents' house, but I may go quicker this weekend and use a laundromat.
:: wash the car Sunday morning with Dieter.  It's our little Sunday ritual.  He's a great helper and it's one of the few times we can have mother-son time (with just him and not his brother).
:: neaten up the house--pick up and swipe down the bathroom
:: set out clothes for Monday morning.

I'll be back later with my ideas and thoughts about starting the school year.  Happy Friday!

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Gabi B. said...

Happy birthday to your mom :-)
So curious about that new kitchen, although I really liked those yellow tiles!
Making the most of the weekends was one of the things I have been thinking about for the last two weeks, this is a major problem here, must work this out. Planning these two days would help very much, I guess.