Monday, March 25, 2013

st. patrick's day

leprachaun trap

On St. Patrick's day the boys got up early and made this"leprechaun trap".  The idea is that any rascally leprechauns who come through will get tripped up in there.  They put tape on the drawbridge.  I loved this so much because it showed me that the boys still have plenty of magical thinking going on.  It was adorable how thorughout the day they would be so convinced that "the leprechaun must have come through--he knocked down this piece that I'm sure was standing before."  Sweet.

Later we had a "trail of Shamrocks" at their request.  We didn't have any gifts planned*, so Ken made up some little "certificates" for Shamrock Shakes and we drove them through McD to get some.  They looked pretty cute riding in the van with their shakes.  Simple pleasures.

*I also don't have any gifts planned for their Easter baskets yet.  I'll have to throw something together this Thursday or Friday, which happily I have off this week.


Sarah said...

why oh why is Easter so early?! (yes, I know religiously why it is when it is, but still!) I try hard to come up with wonderful creative non-food related treats and feel oh so lame this year! Hoping inspiration cracks me upside the head and I figure out something FAST!

The boys leprechaun trap looked like a pretty good one and shamrock shakes are always a fantastic "gift"! St. Paddy's day is always a fav here at the Kelly household, too. So much Irish tradition to enjoy, okay yummy food, too!

Have a lovely rest of your week, enjoy the upcoming holiday, too.

Carrie said...

I love the creative mind of children. We try hard to give the kids we work with this opportunity.