Thursday, March 28, 2013

update: easter grass


I thought I'd pop it with a grass update. The basket was looking very sad and hopeless for the first four days and I was wondering if we'd gotten bum grass seed or if we hadn't covered the seed with enough dirt. Then lo and behold, along about day 5 the grass began to sprout. From there it fairly shot up and now we have this.  The picture is from day 10.  Still, next time I'll be more careful to cover the seed with a bit more dirt and I think the grass might even be thicker.  Did you try this?

basket of grass

PS--I have the day off today and we have been baking. The boys have a Kindermusik recital tonight. It is about the only time it is safe to bake because I know I can share with a large crowd. I''m making this and this (Rainer helped).

PPS--I put both cakes into my Recipe Builder for Weight Watchers and the points are ridiculously high.  The cookie bars are a crazy 6 points per bar!  The white Texas sheet cake is 7.   Good thing I'm taking these to a gathering!


Sarah said...

I use winter wheat berries spread very thickly. They grow into a wide-blade grass cover which makes it feel fuller. I didn't do grass this year and waited too long to force branches so I have a group of sticks in a pot with a couple of buds just cracking open.

likeschocolate said...

I have always wanted to grow real grass for Easter! I need to do that next year!