Saturday, March 16, 2013

odds and ends and a question for you

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My BFF Carrie texted me the other night that she was desperate for a Salt and Chocolate post, so here you go, Carrie.  Anything for you!

Basically, I've been stressed and anxious these last several weeks.  Oh, and we've been sick, too.  My way of dealing with the stress tends to be eating and shopping.  You would not believe how stuffed my little closet is right now!  Even Ken has been a super good sport and accompanied me to the Gap a couple times recently.   I gained a bunch of weight over the holidays, but I'm back on Weight Watchers now (along with my friend Donna) and I'm down 5.8 pounds and feeling better already.  Eating right makes me feel pleasantly in control and I'm enjoying that.

I can see summer vacation looming in the not to distant future, for which I am deeply grateful.  Yay for summer!

I have a question for you guys.  I loved Jane Eyre so so much, and I felt bereft when I finished the audiobook.  I'm a member of Audible now, so what do you recommend for my next book?  I never thought I'd be a fan of audiobooks because I was so content listening to podcasts on my daily commute, but there was something so beautiful and uplifting about Jane Eyre that I want to listen to more books.  Do send recommendations!


Jaime Barks said...

If you haven't read it yet, the audio book for the help is amazing. Great actors.


Carrie said...

This made my weekend. The little boys looks so not little anymore! As you know, I am a giant fan of the audiobook. Some I think you would like are The Wordy Shipmate, Night Circus, and 100 more. I will email you! I like to choose my audiobooks by who is the narrator as well as the book. I find the voice of the reader to be part of the enjoyment. That's how I found the Night Circus, it's read by Jim Dale who narrates all the Harry Potters.

Thanks for the post. Let the count down for summer begin!

Rain said...

Sorry you've had a stressful time lately. I find this time of year difficult.
Jane Eyre is one of my all time favorite books. I also loved Pride & Prejudice or any of Austen's books.
A Tree grows in Brooklyn is great too.

Everyday Things said...

I love audio books because I have eye probs so listening to books is one of my favourite pastimes!

Ive just finished hearing the book cold comfort farm, and while I liked it I dont it would be everyones cup of tea.
I LOVE your runner on the table - did you make that?

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for the book recommendations everyone. I'm probably going to go for Pride and Prejudice. Excited!

Everyday Things--yes, I made that table runner from Ikea fabric. It has just the right weight for a runner.

Rain--I love A Tree Grows in Brooklyn too. So so good!

Jaime--yes, I read The Help a year or so ago and loved it!

Carrie--I totally agree about the narrator's voice. I adored the Jane Eyre narrator. Then when I downloaded Mol Flanders (for free, fortunately), the narrator's voice was really lacking. I don't think I'm even going to finish it (and the story just lacks heart, at least so far).

Greyhaven Pines said...

Wonderful to see Salt & Chocolate make an appearance! Thank you Mary Beth and go job Carrie! ;) The ranunculas and runner are lovely as usual. I just finished listening to "Death Comes to Pemberly" by mystery writer P.D. James. PD writes a continuation of P&Prejudice, so it may be just the thing for a follow up for you.
-- Joyce in Colorado

catie said...

yes, i have missed you, too.
the only book i have listened to in recent years was a new earth, by eckhart tolle, read by the author. it was more than a book, it was a transcendent experience.

Andrea said...

Good to see you back! Hope the stress goes away soon. No fun. I don't listen to many audio books, but once on a long car trip I listened to The Secret Life of Bees, which I enjoyed. Good voice. Check and see if your library has them available for download--ours has a few, mainly newer books--then if you don't like it, you won't feel bad a bout not finishing it.

Faith said...

Hi mama. You can also look forward to my spring break and your spring break. We will have lots of fun for both!

Rika said...

Love the comment thread. I am adding a bunch of these to my reading list...Thank you!

I recommend: The Secret Life of Bees
The Middle of Nowhere by Terry Underwood
Travelling with Pomegranates by Sue Kidd Monk
Anything by margaret Atwood.

Cheers from South Australia

hi_missy said...

All the Margaret Atwoods are excellent, but I can tell you the two best narrators I've ever heard read are Barbara Rosenblat and C.J. Critt. Barbara Rosenblat reads the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters; these books are great. Not exactly classics, but a lot of fun. I highly recommend.

Amy said...

So happy to see your post! I hope you find some peace soon. Looking forward to visiting Santa Barbara this week. Thank you for sharing information with me. We will be going to Crush Cakes tomorrow. We've be going there for a few years when we can thanks to your sweet posts with Rainer. Remember this quote .." life is not measured by the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away"

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

Not sure if its on audio, but Barabra Kingslolver's books are wondrful!! Also, down town they have Gone With the Wind which is also super fun to listen to… I borrowed it years ago and it was a great sit and knit in the rainy winter, but I belive it would be a good story to drive to too : )