Friday, November 16, 2012


new cookbook new cookbook new cookbook new cookbook new cookbook new cookbook

I picked up this sweet cookbook in Santa Cruz a couple months ago when I was up there with Jacob and Faith. I'm so attracted to cookbooks aimed at children, students, and beginners. I love recommendations for easy, simple meals. I've only tried one thing from here so far, but I'm anxious to be inspired by much more in this book.  I adore the illustrations and simple freeform instructions.  This is exactly my sort of thing.

After the fact, I realized it is translated from French.  It has a European vibe to it for sure.


Rain said...

This looks like a great book to give a child going off to college. Cute!
I noticed it's a great price on Amazon right now.

Jacqueline said...

Hi Mary Beth-
I have a quick question... I'm visiting my daughter in West Hollywood (LA) for Thanksgiving. We were thinking we might head to Santa Barbara for the day on Sunday, before the rest of the family arrives. Can you recommend or suggest any must see/do's? Perhaps a quaint place for lunch? Thank you so much, LOVE you blog!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Jaqueline. You could go to the art museum (on State Street) and to Crushcakes for lunch (it's just down the street). Then you could go for a walk in Alice Keck park and look at the flowers and turtles. After that you could go shopping on State Street. Also, we love the Museum of Natural history. We also love the wharf and the Ty Warner Sea Center (it's small). Have fun! You can't go wrong in SB. It's gorgeous!