Friday, August 24, 2012

in santa cruz with jacob and faith

West Cliffs -- Santa Cruz selection at the bagelry in Santa Cruz bagelry del mar theater in Santa Cruz F and J at Natural Bridges feet in Santa Cruz Book Shop Santa Cruz 235/366 :: Jacob and Faith in front of the Bagelry. 234/366 :: Natural Bridges.

Jacob and Faith and I took a little trip to Santa Cruz. We needed to find an apartment for Jacob for the school year, but we also made a little vacation of it, going around town together and having fun. Santa Cruz is awesome but my kids are even more awesome. It was such a treat to get to spend time with them.

Some things we did:
visiting Natural Brides
walking along West Cliff drive
eating late breakfast at The Bagelry
seeing a movie at the Del Mar Theater (amazing, huge old theater)
Indian Buffet at the Sitar
late night burger run at Burger.
shopping at Bookshop Santa Cruz

What a fun and yummy trip.  Santa Cruz, we love you!


Emily Brisse said...

What a beautiful collection of images! I've never been to Santa Cruz, but that first shot especially... one day!

Kate said...

How fun! I lived outside of Santa Cruz in Bonny Doon for a year, and really enjoyed the local culture in the area. Your pictures definitely brought me back!

Sarah said...

What beautiful children you have, and I love that they want you to be a part of every thing, it is so wonderful to see how close and loving your family is. Enjoy the start of another wonderful school year :)