Tuesday, July 17, 2012

santa barbara harbor

harbor santa barbara water taxi commercial fishing harbor harbor museum santa barbara harbor playing by the side of the swim meet

On Saturday Ken participated in a swim meet in Santa Barbara and we all went along. Happily, Carrie was still here too. The pool is quite near the Santa Barbara harbor, so we took a little walk around before Ken's first race. I'd been to the pier before, but not this harbor area. It was really quite pretty and such a nice place to have a swim meet! In the last photo the boys are sitting by the side of the pool and Ben is helping them to put together their Hero Factory toys (and they also played Uno).

Ken swimming.  I thought he was awesome.

Naturally, we had to take Carrie to Crushcakes and Chaucer's after the meet.


Sarah said...

absolutely gorgeous...what a beautiful place to be together :)

Maiz Connolly said...

I love that harbor. We like to walk there in the evening and play on the sandy beach at the end of the breakwater. The view is unbeatable!