Monday, July 16, 2012

duvet covers for the boys

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A few months back, I ordered new sheet sets for the boys. I specifically wanted some colorful kid-themed sheets, but I only needed fitted sheets. Unfortunately, it seems like everything comes in sheet sets these days rather than single sheets.  I decided to use the random flat sheets to make new duvet covers for the boys. I bought some white sheets for the backing, then the project sat for weeks and months. I couldn't seem to get going on any weekend sewing projects during the school year. Happily, when school let out this year I sewed these up (and immediately felt huge relief to have the project finally completed).

I made these super simple--no buttons for the closure, just a partially open bottom.

PS--their room is looking more colorful and lived-in now, compared to this--right?

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Denise said...

nice work! I am trying to start a sewing project sometime this summer :)